Hi, I'm Kelly Benson

I’m on a quest to live as ‘boundlessly’ as possible –– even beyond what is thought of as “humanly possible.”


I’m not there yet, not by any stretch of the imagination. 


But I’m on the path. 


I call this the journey of alignment, the journey of becoming all that you’re meant to be, the journey of listening to the inner whispers

and taking terrifying—yet fruitful—action on them. 


It’s a journey of truth and surrender.


While walking this path, I support conscious entrepreneurs in their pursuit of a fully-integrated life. I help them align their deepest longings with their strongest gifts so that they may step fully into flow and abundance. Without striving, overworking, and giving in to self-sabotaging habits.


You in?

Through Project Boundless,

I'm exploring questions and creating value through:


  • 🧠 The Plato's Academy MastermindA 4-month business, mindset and wealth accelerator for conscious & creative entrepreneurs

  • 📑 The Reckless Resume Project ~ Submit your REAL resume here to de-stigmatize and bring transparency to the"I don't know what I want to do with my life" pathway (note: we're all figuring it out as we go)

  • 💌 Project Boundless Newsletter ~ Sharing inspiration, interesting discoveries and insights into the path of boundlessness (surprises guaranteed)

  • And more on the way!

👋 Say hi on Instagram, Linkedin or shoot me an email with a boundless subject line